You’ll Never Guess the Ages of These 13 Incredible Women

There is a certain kind of woman who is always young. In Japan, the term “witch beauty” applies to more than 35 women who look like 20-somethings.

Today we want to tell you about these amazing women. If you want to be regularly motivated then they are all on Instagram!

Risa Hirako, 46

Youll Never Guess the Ages of These 13 Incredible Women sa Hirako lotoo

Risa is a famous Japanese model and singer. She looks very young in her pictures and says she hardly edited them.

Mystery: Risa uses makeup only with natural ingredients. She eats healthily but doesn’t limit herself too much, satisfying her sweet tooth with chocolate, bananas, and honey. In Japan, generally, there are many long-livers, and one of the main reasons for this is their eating habits: they eat much less meat, sugar, and fat than people in other developed countries.

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