Why Indian Women Sleep With Braids and How It Can Transform Your Hair

Most Indian women have gorgeous, long, shiny hair and it is deeply ingrained in the Indian culture. There are many beauty secrets Indian mothers have been passing down through the generations that before you go to bed braiding your hair every night.

In This Article, we find out the secrets behind the gorgeous hair of Indian women. So, let’s start

1. It helps to prevent split ends

It helps to prevent splits ends lotoo

Trimming a few inches off your hair will temporarily help you with split ends, but if you don’t make any changes to your hair care routine, then damaged hair will appear again. Split ends happen when you blow-dry your strands too often or use harsh chemical products and the way you sleep can also affect your hair.

Your hair creates friction against your pillowcase when you turn and toss in your sleep which eventually causes it to break off. Keeping your hair in braids reduces the friction, protecting your locks against damage.

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