What is insurance policy & Types of Insurance Policy

We do not know what will happen tomorrow or future, for which we try to recompense the possible losses in the future through the insurance policy.

Insurance is an effective weapon to deal with the possibility of any kind of loss in the future.

So what is insurance? insurance is the financial protection of any risk or future loss. if any insurance company insure a person, then the company will compensate for any kind of financial loss of this person.

Similarly, if the insurance company has insured a house, smartphone, car, then in the event of a breakdown, any losses or damages for which,

the insurance company gives compensation to its owner according to the pre-fixed terms and condition.

Insurance is actually a contract between the insurance company and the insured person. Under this contract, the insurance company takes a fixed amount of money

As a premium from the insured and pays damages or loss to the insured person according to the terms of the policy.

How Insurance Works?

There are different types of insurance policies available in the inline, for any individual or business. they will find any trusted insurance company to insure them and they will insured according to the amount of risk. according to the law, most of the individuals in the united states at least have this type of insurance, like life insurance and car insurance.

The core element that makes up most insurance policies are the policy limit, deductible, and premium.
Insurance is a contract that financially protects the insured person against any losses, damages and death.

there have many types of insurance policy in online in which their health, homeowners, Life, and auto these are the most common forms of insurance.

But as a business required special types of insurance policies that insure the specific types of risks faced by the particular business.

For example, a restaurant needs a policy that covers the damages or injury of a restaurant related to any cooking incident.

There another insurance policy is available for some specific needs, like ransom, kidnap professional liability, and medical malpractice but these are known as errors and omissions insurance.

Types of Insurance Policy

There are many types of insurance policy available, but today we will discuss some of the useful insurance policy. Types of Insurance Policy in India

Life Insurance

As the name suggests, your can insure your life through the insurance company. because after your leave your family may survive with the financial issue, but if you buy an insurance policy, then it will protect your family from any future losses or damages.

Your family is not dependent on anyone after you expire and they are financially secured.

Life insurance is the most required for those people when there has a single man earning in their family and the whole family depends on you.

Car Insurance

In the same way, you can insure your car by purchasing the car insurance policy.

Car insurance protects the financial loss, damages or death during the accident of the insured person.

every car owner should have a car insurance policy, for which any sudden incident or accident you will get compensation from the insurance company.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is the most important for every single person. it will cover the expense of medical of the insured person.

There are also many types of health insurance policy that cover various types of diseases and ailments.

If you have a general health insurance policy or you can also take a specific policy for a disease. the insurance covers all types of treatment, hospitalization and medication costs.

Home Insurance

If you build your house, then you must buy home insurance. because it will protect the financial losses or damages to your home from any Storms or natural disasters.

Education Insurance

In that case, you can insure a policy for your children’s education through the education insurance policy. This plan Bears the financial cost of the education of your children.

Like tuition fees, school fees, or other expenses, etc.

Insurance Claim Process

so let’s have a look that how you can claim your insurance policy.

  • First of all you have to claim against your insurance policy.
  • Now you have to provide all the details related to your loss to the insurance company.
  • then you have to submit all the bills or proof of your loss, damage, hospitalization, etc.
  • Now the insurance company verify your claim
  • if your claim is proved correct then you get the claim amount according to your loss.


Insurance is very important to protect the financial loss, damages, or after expire any people. insurance is very important for every one

It will need for everyone, be it people, cars, homes, and any property to protect the financial loss in the future.

So always be safe and keep safe your family from any future risk or losses by purchase an insurance policy.

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