14 Regular Foods That Are Slowly Killing You

Do you know that there are various foods you are eating daily basis that is killing you slowly? Most of us have a number of these foods on our menu, but if you merge all of these, you’ll get a killer combo and you need to start creating changes to your diet. To explore what you eat and start making the right choices today. Here’s the list of 10 regular foods that are slowly killing you. Try to avoid these foods as much as you can.

Some of these foods lead to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer. Not to ignore obesity and all the anxiety and depression that can come with it.

01. Soda

Regular Foods That Are Slowly Killing You soda lotoo

Carbonated drinks or sodas are one of your worst enemies. They can mess up everything, from your blood sugar levels, skin, to your hormones and mood. Forget the marketing and the labels that say it’s good for you or it contains vitamins or nutrients. All it has is a bunch of sugar, food dyes, and preservatives. And sugar-free versions are no better as they’re packed with harmful artificial sweeteners. Buy a blender or a juice maker and make your own juice. And if you miss the bubbles, you can always add your homemade fruit juice to some sparkly water.

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