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Amazon Quiz Answers Today 7th May 2021

Amazon Quiz Answers 7 May 2021– Amazon Quiz Answers Today is live Now. your can play and Win 5000 Lucky Draw.

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amazon daily quiz 07 05 21
amazon daily quiz answers

Today Amazon Quiz Answers Details: Exciting Price Quiz Time FZ Contest Timings & Prize Details

Quiz Name:- Daily Quiz Time ( Amazon Exciting Price Quiz Time)
Quiz Time – 12 AM to 11.59 PM
Quiz Date – 7 May 2021
Total no of Questions – 5
Winner List Will Announce On – 6 May 2021, 11.59 PM

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily Funzone 7th May Win 5000

Q1: In 2021, Who Among These Was Awarded The Padma Vibhushan For “Exceptional And Distinguished Service” In The Field Of Public Affairs?

Answer 1: (A) Shinzo Abe

Q2: Whose Latest Book ‘India’s Power Elite’ Is A Study Of The Nature Of Power And Elitism In Postcolonial India?

Answer 2: (B) Sanjaya Baru

Q3: Which Country Is The World’s Happiest Country According To The World Happiness Report 2021?

Answer 3: (D) Finland

04: A Group Of This Animal is called What?

Answer 4: (C) Army

Q5: Angela Lansbury Voiced The Character Who Was This Object In What Disney Movie?

Answer 5: (B) Beauty And The Beast

More Amazon Quiz Answers Today 7 May 2021

Today Amazon Funzone Quiz Answer: Amazon Funzone Riddles Quiz Solve and Win Oneplus 9 5G

Q1: What Month Of The Year Has 28 Days?

Answer 1: (D) All Of Them

Q2: What Is Full Of Holes But Still Holds Water?

Answer 2: (C) Sponge

Q3: I’m Tall When I’m Young, And I’m Short When I’m Old. What Am I?

Answer 3: (B) A Candle

Q4: I Am At The Start Of Rahul And In The Middle Of Virat, What Am I?

Answer 4: (A) The Letter R

Q5: I’m Light As A Feather, Yet The Strongest Person Can’t Hold Me For Five Minutes. What Am I?

Answer 5: (B) Your Breath

Amazon Today’s Quiz Terms and conditions:

  • This quiz will announce on 7 May From 12 AM to 11.59 PM. end next 24 hours
  • To be eligible for the Contest, during the Contest Period you must sign-in to or sign-up from an account on App
  • Once you have signed-in to Amazon App, and 5 questions will be posted during the entire Contest Period.
  • If you answer all the questions correctly, you will be participating in a lucky draw.
  • The draw of lots will be carried out during the Contest Period for the questions and 1 participant will be selected as winners.
  • The lucky winner will be eligible for winning 5000 Lucky Draw

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