9 Tips For Dating As A Single Dad

Whether you tragically lost your partner or recently divorced, going back as a single dad in the dating world is not an easy feat. Going on dates can seem like a terrible opportunity, between balancing your time with your children or successfully co-parenting with an ex. But focus on excitement over fear – that’s a moment of revival and a new beginning to celebrate.

1. Bond with your Child to make the path for dating easier

9 Tips For Dating As A Single Dad Bond with your kids to make the path for dating easier lotoo

Even if you feel emotionally on your ex, make sure you’re spending time knowing your kids better. Prioritize bonding time with them – as a single dad, when you were part of a unit, it’ll feel very different.

For everyone to be properly acquainted with their children at this stressful time, when you start noticing someone, it will make the infection easier, and not make them feel that they are being neglected. You must have lost something, but they also did.

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